Is Medicare Supplement Health Insurance A Good Idea?

Read on to find out why medicare supplement health insurance is a good idea for you.

Medicare insurance can leave you with a big medical bill. A good example is a woman who sought treatment at a regional hospital in Arizona for a scorpion bite was left with a $40,000 bill over Medicare. She did not have supplemental health insurance and if she did the insurance company would have taken the matter up with the hospital and resolved it. Although you probably do not plan on being bitten by a scorpion you could very easily incur hospital bills that far exceed what Medicare pays for. A man hospitalized in Georgetown, Texas for chest pains was handed a $1,300 bill upon his release three days later.

What Would A Supplement Health Insurance Pay For That Medicare Wouldn’t?

The easy and probably the best answer is a lot, but each plan has its own fee schedule and geographic area that it covers. So, the question is best answered by selecting two or more medicare supplement insurance plans to compare the coverage above what Medicare would cover.

There Is Another Reason Why A Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Is A Good Idea.

Some medicare supplement health insurance premiums are very low, but still offer some added protection over Medicare. Other premiums are higher and provide greater coverage. The extra protection that you will get is worth the cost. Remember that the supplement health insurance becomes your primary coverage and Medicare is no longer involved in paying your medical claims. This has no effect on the payment of claims.

Assess The Status Of Your Health

If you anticipate high medical charges in the future, then you need to assess how much of the charges you will have to pay.

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