Is Medicare Part D Enrollment Necessary?

Here are just a few of the many tips on why Medicare Part D enrollment is so important for Medicare recipients.

Those individuals that are eligible for Medicare part A and B are also eligible for Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D enrollment is prescription drug plan which subsidizes prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries. This program allows for the cost of prescription drugs to be significantly lower than they would be otherwise and frankly, Prescriptions drugs are one of the most important health benefit available to Medicare recipients and without Part D coverage, the cost may be just too out of reach for some.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare part D is a private plan that is in addition to Medicare itself, and much like other prescription drug plans, medicare part D enrollment gives the recipient the option to choose between different drugs, generally being offered a low cost incentive for specific drugs. Also like other plans, you pay a premium (typically monthly) to be covered by said plan. Some of these plans have deductibles wherein you much pay the full cost of your medications until your deductible has been met. After reaching your deductible, depending on the plan, you may have to pay a copayment, but this amount will be lower if you choose the lower cost prescriptions.

Shop Around

It is important to remember that Medicare Part D coverage differs from plan to plan and coverage is different throughout many of those plans. The coverage is dependent upon the insurance company. Because of this, it is imperative that all medicare recipients “shop around” when determining which plan works the best. An added benefit for those enrolling for Medicare Part D, there are over 1500 different plans available. This allow the recipient to determine which plan is better suited for their needs.

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