Is Medicare Part C The Same As Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

What is Part C Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage?

Part C Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage is sometimes referred to as a Medicare Advantage Plan. They are offered by private companies that have been approved by Medicare. When you join a Medicare Part C Plan you have all of the coverage of Part A, which is hospital coverage, and Part B, which is medical coverage. There are even times when you may receive extra benefits such as vision, hearing or dental programs in addition to your other benefits. The majority of the plans even include Part D coverage, which is your medication plan.

Each and every Medicare Advantage Plan can charge you different amounts out of pocket that you may have to pay for your coverage needs. There may also be different rules that you have to follow in order to receive certain services.

What does the Part C Medicare Supplemental Insurance cost?

The cost of the Medicare Supplemental Insurance can vary based on the plan that you have selected. The plan may have a monthly premium as well as yearly premiums for certain doctor visits. The plan may pay for all or part of your Part B deductibles and expenses. You may be required to pay co-payments and certain expenses related to various providers. It all really depends on which provider you choose to use during this period for your Part C Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan.

How do I get a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans can be obtained in a number of ways such as calling, filling out a paper application for enrollment, or going through the plans website.

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