Is Medicare Part B The Same As Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

What is Medicare Part B Insurance?

Medicare Part B is a Medicare Supplemental Insurance that provides you with certain medically-necessary services, such as a doctor’s visit, outpatient care, health services in your home and other medical services. Part B also covers some other preventative services but, you need to check your card to see if you have Part B Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage.

What is the cost for Part B Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare Part B Insurance costs a premium every month depending on your income. Social Security may make you pay more if your income is above certain thresholds. You need to make sure to sign up for Part B Medicare Supplemental Insurance when you are first eligible or else there are penalties for enrolling late.

What does Part B Medicare Supplemental Insurance cover?

Medicare Part B covers two main services: preventative services and medically-necessary services.

Preventative services are such things as health care to prevent illnesses like the flu or others that need to be detected at an early age. Treatment needs to be addressed at an early age to prevent long term problems and treatment services.

Medically-necessary services are those services that are needed to be able to treat your medical condition and diagnose you according to the standards that are accepted by doctor’s everywhere.

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