Is Medicare Part B Enrollment Necessary?

Medicare Part A is a gratis hospital insurance. Medicare Part B enrollment is not required, nor is it free.

Most age 65 new participants into the Medicare program understand and sail through the Part A section which, as mentioned above, is hospital insurance that basically covers about four things: home health care, hospice, skilled nursing care in a facility, and inpatient care in hospitals. Medicare Part B enrollment is optional medical coverage if required by the annuitant.

Well What Specifically Does Medicare Part B Enrollment Cover That Part A Won’t?

Part B covers several medical needs that Part A does not. It helps cover many outpatient services you may need including doctor visits, clinical laboratory services, as well as some preventive services including examinations. Maybe this will clarify the situation better. The Original Medicare Part A is pretty black and white about coverage, leaving you to add Part B for any other medical coverage.

What Kind Of Medical Supplies Does Medicare Part B Enrollment Cover?

The list is rather lengthy but here are a few supplies and equipment that’s covered.
Braces for your body parts, surgical dressings, splints, mastectomy prosthesis, one pair of eyeglasses with an intraocular lens after cataract surgery, plus wheelchairs, walkers, and other necessary medical equipment that has been prescribed by a doctor.

Are Both Medicare Part A And Part B Required Before I Can Get Supplemental Coverage?

You should understand that all Medicare Supplemental insurance plans sort of take over where Medicare Part A and B leave off. Having that coverage should take care of all medical needs, but not any prescription drug coverage. If you have both Medicare Part A and Part B you are qualified for any type of supplemental or “gap” insurance. If you only have Part A it won’t work.

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