Is Medicare Mandatory If I Have Other Insurance?

Medicare is somewhat mandatory for people who may have employer base insurance or who may be self employed themselves. You want to make sure that you have an understanding of what the Medicare system is all about before you decide that this is the right health care system for you. Many people are not sure that the Medicare system is right for them so they end up keeping their private insurance. The idea of someone willingly keeping their private insurance as opposed to going on Medicare is something that should be an option.


Insurance is not easy to get for some people. There are many people who cannot even get one insurer as a consumer. The idea of having two possible insurers once you become Medicare eligible is something that becomes rarer and rarer in many instances. The people who are not able to get insurance at all would probably be somewhat jealous of another consumer who turns down Medicare coverage in favor of another insurance plan. The people who are most involved with the idea of making Medicare mandatory probably do not care if you have other insurance. They just want to make the idea of paying into Medicare mandatory.

Medicare Mandates

A lot of people are not happy with the fact that Medicare is mandatory. This is a fact that many people simply may have to get over however. The fact that Medicare enrollment is mandatory is something that people have had to live with for decades. There are many people out there who are not surprised by the amount of Medicare mandates there are out there. Some of these Medicare mandates may make it harder for private insurance companies to stay in business as people forget about other insurance options.

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4 Responses to “Is Medicare Mandatory If I Have Other Insurance?”

  1. ruby young says:

    If i am working and my employer and I split insurance coverage, then why is Medicare enrollment mandatory? I find this infuriating!

  2. My insurance co. Is refusing to pay because they say I have Medicare, no one will help me if I don’t have my Medicare number. I never got contacted about Medicare but I guess I have been getting money taken out of my disability to pay for it? Help. I also have never received a card.

  3. Deborah OBrien says:

    Currently have medicaid. Am on Social Security Disability. Do I have to pay for Medicare ($115.70) out of each check. Too expensive for me.

  4. mike welicki says:

    I just got a letter that I need to purchase medicare part B as well as having part A. I have blue cross of Michigan for free on my retiremant package, now it will cost me $115.70 per month for something I do not want either!!! I want to keep my free B/C-B/S but that is only counted as a supplimental insurance now and will pay what medicare part B does not pay for whe I go to the Doctors office. I don’t pay for any visits now!!!

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