Is Medicare Dental Insurance Included In Part A?

Find out what Medicare Dental Insurance will cover

Trying to understand the rules governing the covered dental procedures and services under Medicare can be confusing to many people. It will help if you understand what is covered under Part A, your hospitalization, and Part B that covers medical care. But first, it’s necessary to know what dental services and procedures are not covered by Medicare.

Dental Services Not Covered By Medicare Dental Insurance

Medicare will not cover any services or procedures that are considered routine dental care. In other words, 6 month checkups, cleaning and routine fillings are not covered. Dentures are never included as a covered service, Even if you have teeth pulled in preparation for a covered procedure, dentures will not be covered.

Dental Coverage Included Under Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A will cover certain dental procedures only if they are done as a necessary part of a covered procedure. For example, someone might need a tooth removed in order to repair a fractured jaw. Part A will also pay for extractions if you need radiation treatments for a cancerous tumor of the face or jaw. Oral examinations are covered prior to a kidney transplant or heart valve replacement. Procedures like these are covered under Part A if performed by a dentist on the hospital’s staff or under Part B if performed by a physician.

Other Dental-Related Conditions Covered By Medicare

There are a few other conditions that may be covered under Medicare dental insurance. If you develop an infection after a tooth extraction, Medicare will cover the necessary hospitalization. If you have a health-threatening condition that requires in-hospital observation during a dental procedure, Medicare will cover the hospitalization. Again, dentures are not covered for any reason.

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