Is Medicare Dental Coverage Part of My Plan?

Find out if you qualify for Medicare dental coverage under your current plan!

Medicare is a popular insurance plan offered through the Social Security Association for senior citizens over the age of 65 who are either already enrolled in Social Security benefits or choose to manually enroll for Medicare. It is broken up into different parts including A, B, C, and D. The different parts cover various types of hospital services and medication. In this case, you’ll get to find out what parts cover dental services and types of scenarios where it would be applicable.

Parts That Have Medicare Dental Coverage

At this time, Medicare dental coverage is not covered under any parts of the Medicare system, except for (in certain cases) the Medicare Advantage Plan. The types of dental coverage that this refers to are fillings, cleanings, tooth extractions, and so on. The closest that a Medicare patient can get to having Medicare dental coverage under one of the plans, besides the Medicare Advantage Plan (should the circumstances suit it), would be to receive care in rare cases under plan B.

Specific Scenarios

You might be wondering what scenarios would have to take place for Medicare Part B (or A) to be able to cover dental procedures. These procedures would have to be related in some way to other procedures that are not related to dental work. For example, if you were receiving reconstructive surgery on your jaw that required medical attention to your teeth and gums, then the Medicare dental coverage would more than likely kick in.

However, Medicare does not generally cover the cost of dental work that is being done solely for purposes directly related to dental problems. For more information on this subject, contact your Social Security representative to discuss your specific questions.

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