Is It Fair That My Medicare Supplemental Insurance Denied Coverage?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are a great way to reduce a consumer’s out-of-pocket expenses. They are run by private companies and do not always go by the same rules about what Medicare will and will not pay. Sometimes it seems that an insurance company will deny a claim that their own rules say they must cover. A consumer will immediately ask if this treatment is fair, but fairness does not have as much to do with how insurance company runs. It is often a case of someone finding a way to reduce expenses or a claim clearly not being covered under an individual policy.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Denials and How to Handle Them

When a customer receives a denial from his insurance provider, he needs to act quickly. He may be able to repeal the decision if it clearly goes against the rules the company has spelled out or if they failed to follow the correct Medicare procedures. There is a statute of limitations on these decisions. A person cannot wait too long if he wants to make sure that his claim is heard. If he waits too long, the company will simply not hear the cases.

Preventing Denials on Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

While every health consumer will have to deal with this problem sooner or later, he does not want to do it any more than he has to. One of the best ways he can make sure that he does not have to deal with the hassle of the claims or filling out the forms. The important thing to remember when you appeal the claim is that it does not matter whether or not if the denial was fair. What matters is that the necessary rules for Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans were followed.

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