Is It Difficult To Get Medicare Supplemental Coverage?

When you first become eligible for Medicare you will be given a race period to purchase Medicare supplemental coverage. This period is known as open enrollment. During this period you can actively enroll into your choice of Medicare supplemental coverage plans with no underwriting issues. What this means is that the insurance company can not charge you higher rates because of age or where you live. They cannot deny coverage or delay coverage on a pre-existing condition. They cannot request you to undergo any medical review or be subjected to testing. They also cannot delay coverage of any type once your deductible has been met.

I Missed Open Enrollment What Can I Do Now?

There are two options for you, and depending on where you live will decide your choice. Many states, such as Florida, offer an open enrollment period each year, regardless. This will give you an opportunity to secure your Medicare supplemental insurance at a later date but still have the protections of open enrollment. The other choice is to purchase a supplemental policy without the protections. This means that the company can deny claims, withhold payments for a certain period on specific conditions and they may charge you a higher premium than someone else your exact age and health.

Who Should I Contact About Medicare Supplemental Coverage?

If yu do not know who to contact about your Medicare supplemental coverage or if you need to know if your state offers open enrollment, contact your state Department of Insurance. Medicare and other insurance programs are regulated through this office in each state. They will be able to provide you with the information you need. They may also be able to direct you towards any advocacy groups that can help you make contact with the right insurance agents for your needs.

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