Is Florida Medicare Insurance Different From Other States?

Florida Medicare Insurance differs because many seniors have trouble paying out-of-pocket co-pays and deductibles after their Florida Medicare Insurance Part A and B pays their share. Currently, Floridians have the highest insurance rates in the country. And, the amount they pay for their Florida Medicare Insurance depends on the county they live in.

Florida Medicare Insurance Prescription Costs

To help pay their prescription costs, many resident enroll in stand-alone Medicare Part D plan known as Prescription Drug Plans, or, PDP. These are private insurance plans purchased to cover eligible medications. There is also a subsidy eligible PDP. The average medicine premium in Florida $54.00 month.

The cost and availability of the PDP depends on the county the resident lives. In Florida, a plan provider has the option of deciding which drugs they cover and which counties to offer the coverage. This can mean a person with Medicare Part D in Miami could pay a higher rate than person in Jacksonville for the same medicine.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Floridians have the choice of enrolling into a Medicare Advantage plan instead of Medicare Part A or B. It will cover all hospitalization and medical as Part A and B as well as vision, hearing and dental costs. Some Advantage Plans include prescription drug costs and are known as Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans MAPDs).

MAPDs rates also vary depending on the county. And the medications they cover depends on a list of drugs known as a formulary. Formularies determine how much residents pay for their prescription or if their prescription is included.

Supplement plans are tailored to fit Floridians needs and their medical prescriptions and Medicare Advantage plans vary by region. They have the standard supplement plans A-N without prescription coverage, and their supplement coverage varies according to their county.

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