Is Enrollment in Medicare Part D Mandatory?

Over 40 million of us in this country participate in Medicare. It’s the largest medical insurer in the USA. It includes Part A, B, C and D, each one having a specific purpose and requirement. Some sections provide medical coverage at no cost, other sections may require you provide coverage via private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Part A is hospital insurance and the only sub-category where services are provided at no cost.

Am I Required To Enroll In All Parts Of The Medicare Program?

No. You get Part A coverage at no cost. If you move down the line to include Part B, Part C and Part D these parts of the health care program are options. If Part D is not included in any of the other Medicare plans and you want additional protection, you’ll be required to pay the insurance premiums on your own.

Is Enrollment In Medicare Part D Mandatory? Or Can I Choose Other Options?

This is where prescription drug coverage enters the ballgame. If the question is enrollment in Medicare Part D mandatory, it is not. It’s another of those options you have where coverage is provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. However, you need to enroll when you first begin your trek down the Medicare path to avoid a penalty.

How Does Part D Work If It’s Not Mandatory?

If you’re in what’s called the Medicare Advantage Plan chances are the question is enrollment in Medicare Part D mandatory is already answered and coverage may be included. If not there are plenty of private insurers waiting with big smiles and open arms to grab a piece of the action.

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