Is Enrollment in Medicare Part D Mandatory?

Medicare Part D covers a patient’s prescription drug benefits. For most people, it is a good idea to enroll because the cost of prescription drugs is high, but only under a few specific circumstances does a recipient have to enroll in this program.

When is Medicare Part D Enrollment Mandatory?

A person automatically gets enrolled in Medicare if he is 65 or older and receiving retirement benefits or if he is under 65 years of age but has been receiving Medicare for two years. Medicaid, a related program run by the states, is designed to cover individuals with limited incomes.

A person who is eligible for Medicaid and Medicare is automatically enrolled in Medicare Part D. This is the only care where a person may get enrolled without his consent, although it is usually done with the knowledge of the participant.

Understanding Medicare Part D Premiums

If a person voluntarily enrolls in the plan, he must pay a monthly premium, although the prescription drugs are usually available to him at a low cost or for free. A person who is eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare may does not have to pay premiums for the program.

When a person receives mandatory coverage from the program, he is usually enrolled at the same time others are and does not need to worry about the waiting periods or the premium. Because such a person already has another form of Health insurance coverage, it may not worry him as much as it would a patient who needs medications to maintain his or her health.

Regardless of how the person becomes enrolled in the program, he can also switch plans to provide a better level of prescription drug coverage at any time. There may, however, be a waiting period before the change can take effect.

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