Is AARP Medigap Insurance A Good Choice?

To protect yourself and your savings, since the government’s medicare plan only covers %80 and you are left with the %20, an insurance supplement is available to cover that gap. Medigap Insurance is an important investment. There are several companies that offer this Medigap Insurance.

Some of these policies can be expensive, others do not offer what you might need. A little research is always a good idea, and since after you sigh up, you will not be able to change, the Medigap Insurance you selected until the next open enrollment. AARP is one of the companies offering this type of insurance. Lets look at

Is AARP Medigap Insurance A Good Choice?

AARP is one of the companies that offer Medigap Insurance, and offers it through United Health Care Ins. Co. There are different plans to choose from, discounts, and wellness plans. AARP’s plan is not age rated, has no deductible,and is almost the lowest priced plan offered. Depending upon the Medigap Insurance plan that suites your life style and needs, AARP’s has a plan that costs nothing. That is to say that the charge the government imposes for part A and B insurance is all that you will pay. AARP Medigap Insurance has a Deluxe plan available for an additional fee.

Should I Choose AARP Medigap Insurance?

AARP Medigap Insurance is easy to apply for. You can either call their toll free number and request their booklet, go to one of their informative meetings or call AARP’s toll free number 1-800-547-5514 and ask for an agent to call on you to explain their plans. AARP’s Medigap Insurance will help you out in time of need, and should be thought about in earnest. AARP’s plan covers almost all of the gaps that might come up and should be considered A Good Choice.

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