Is AARP Medicare Supplemental The Same As All The Others?

AARP offers a wide range of services to retirees, although many people do not agree with its political positions. The American Association of Retired Persons offers both health insurance and car insurance for older Americans. The latest commercials of the organization are pushing their newest Medicare advantage plan.

While the plans are legitimate, there is no reason to think the plans are of higher quality than other Medicare Supplement plans simply because they are offered through this association. Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other large associations offer comparable plans.

Does That Mean I Shouldn’t Use AARP Medicare Supplemental?

AARP Medicare supplemental plans will offer the same coverage that many other providers offer. The larger the company offering the plans, the more likely it is to cover all the plans that the Medicare governing board authorizes companies to offer.

The major reason that AARP chooses to offer a supplemental plan is so it can make money. The premiums do not go through the AARP, but the organization does agree to lend its names to providers of services seniors can use. The companies can legitimacy and the organization gains additional income. Dues and the magazine cannot cover every cost.

What Advantages Are There to AARP Medicare Supplemental?

The rates offered by the organization are not necessarily better than those offered by other insurance companies, but the plans are accepted by many doctors nationwide. A person with a Medicare supplement from the Hartford can go to many places in the country and use their insurance.

A person can decide whether or not he wants to purchase a Medicare AARP supplement on his own. The organization’s plan is not necessarily better than any other form of Medigap health insurance coverage. A consumer will get good coverage from the American Association of Retired Persons if he chooses to purchase one of their plans.

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