Important Medicare Supplemental Insurance Information

Why supplemental medical insurance for Medicare is vitally important for all senior citizens.

Medicare provides a significant benefits for all seniors sixty-five years of age or older. Recent improvements, thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, have made some improvements to the program that reduces the amount of out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare recipients. Even with these improvements, there are some medical costs that the basic Medicare program does not cover. This is the reason that supplemental medical insurance for Medicare is so important to every American senior citizen. Here are some details for you that will help explain why supplemental medical insurance for Medicare is something to seriously consider.

Four Parts of Medicare

Part A – Hospitalization Insurance helps pay for inpatient care at a hospital or nursing facility. In some cases home care or hospice services may be covered.

Part B – Medical Insurance helps pay for some doctor’s services and other types of medical services, like lab work or supplies which are not covered by Part A.

Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans – This is the section where Medicare recipients can use a provider organization to perform Parts A & B of eligible services, such as a doctors network or HMO.

Part D – Prescription Drugs – This section of Medicare helps pay for most prescription drugs.

Notice that in the description for most of the various parts of Medicare it says “helps” with payment. That means there are areas, or gaps, that are not covered.

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