If I Paid Medicare Taxes , Why Am I Being Denied Medicare?

Not everybody who has paid Medicare taxes will be able to qualify for Medicare. The fact is that the system was set up as a safety net for those who truly can’t afford to pay their necessary medical bills. If you paid into the system you may feel that you have been treated unfairly by being denied, but the system is overwhelmed as it is and there is probably a good reason for your denial. So, if you paid Medicare taxes, exactly why are you being denied?

Financial Status Is The Main Factor

If you have earned over a certain amount, have a large retirement fund or many assets then there is a good chance you will be denied. As said above, the system is extremely overwhelmed and can’t support everybody. Your country is grateful that you paid your taxes but you have too much money to qualify for the insurance. You should be proud that you have succeeded and can support yourself entirely. Again, even if you paid medicare taxes, the system is a safety net for those who truly can’t afford insurance on their own.

Consider Getting Private Insurance

Most persons will already have insurance from a private provider if they can afford to, but not everybody does. If you don’t then you should know that there are many great providers available with very affordable policies. Don’t be discouraged if you paid Medicare taxes and are being denied by Medicare. there are many other resources and options available on the market. Once again, you should be proud that you paid your taxes and have succeeded enough to not qualify, even if you feel you are entitled to some sort of coverage from this system.

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