If I Have VA Coverage Do I Need Medigap?

It’s an ongoing conundrum for veterans and quite confusing. Can you still keep VA coverage when you turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare? VA offers some great benefits. Ergo, another question pops up. Is the veteran required to take Medicare coverage if they still want to keep some parts of VA coverage?

If There Is Some Medigap Or Supplemental Plan I Need, Is Enrolling In Medicare A Good Thing?

Some people who hit the Medicare eligible plateau, sign up and only take Plans A and B, which offer many free benefits leaving Medigap coverage out because they already have some type of VA Medigap insurance.

Yeah, But What If There Are Certain Medical Needs VA Doesn’t Provide. Then What?

At some point many veterans prefer to get certain care away from the VA medical system or perhaps a medical need not provided or available from the VA. It that case enrolling in Medicare would offer more varied choices from other health care providers.

What About Costs?

Well, a veteran would have a monthly premium to pay on Medicare Part B medical coverage. However, if he or she has limited income and assets, not including an owner-occupied residence, they might be eligible for state issued Medicaid who might pay the premium for them.

If I join Medicare And Keep VA Coverage Who Pays For My Medigap Treatment?

Well, you will have a choice to make about who will cover that medical treatment or service. VA or Medicare. It’s one or the other; you can’t have both. Also, remember that VA medical benefits plans are separate from Medicare or Medigap programs. Each have their own eligibility criteria.

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