If I Have Medicare Do I Need Medicaid?

People who have Medicare may or may not need Medicaid. The Medicaid program is an income based program that people and families qualify if they meet income and other guidelines. A person who received Medicare benefits does sometimes need Medicaid, but they do not need the program in many circumstances. The federally-run program also offers extra coverage for people with limited resources.

Why Might a Person Need Medicaid and Medicare Benefits

Sometimes a person or a couple does not have enough money to afford Medicare and a supplemental insurance program. The Medicare premiums are taken off of a person’s social security check. If a person meets the income and other requirements for both programs, Medicaid will serve as his supplemental insurance program.

However, being eligible for a program and needing the coverage are different things. A person may qualify for both and not need supplemental health insurance. If he can make his premium payments, his prescription and doctor’s co-pays, he can probably get along without Medicare.

What About Supplementing My Medicare Benefits Without Medicaid?

If a person does not qualify for Medicaid but still finds that his Medicare benefits to not meet his coverage needs, he can buy a supplemental plan that is overseen by the government and administered by a private agency. If a person has trouble with his health care expenses, he or his representative should contact his local Department of public office.

A person over the age of 65 qualifies for Medicare benefits regardless of his income level. Few private insurance plans offer better coverage than the government program, but people who apply for Medicaid will find nearly every item of their medical coverage. The only thing not on the plan is prescription eye glasses.

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