IF I Have Health Problems Can I Get A Medicare Supplement Plan?

Having health problems does not prevent a person from getting a Medicare supplement plan. An applicant may have to wait for a period of up to six months before he receives coverage for the condition under the policy. Medicare does not impose this waiting period for someone who has a valid plan, and a person with Medicare does not need to worry that he will be without coverage for an extended length of time. He may have to pay extra out-of-pocket expenses.

Does the Affordable Care Act Change This?

Yes, and the right of insurance companies to deny people with health problems because the insurance company felt it would be too expensive was removed with the passage of the law. Even though the law faces many legal challenges, the preexisting coverage clause was one of the first elements of the new law to go into effect. The waiting period will stick around for a few months. Having health problems may make it difficult for a person to get health insurance in general, but it never barred a person from having coverage. And many Medicare supplement plan providers expect their recipients to have minor health problems.

What Health Problems Will Cause Complications With My Medicare Supplement Plan?

Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure are all common conditions in people who are normally covered under Medicare. These conditions will not greatly affect a person’s chances of getting a Medicare supplement plan. Allergies and respiratory problems are also relatively inexpensive to treat. A person who requires dialysis or who suffers from a terminal illness that requires chemotherapy may find insurance companies reluctant to give him a Medicare supplement plan without charging him higher premiums for his coverage. The law has done little to keep insurance companies from raising the rates to cover what their perceived losses under the new rules will be.

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