If I Get Married, Will It Affect My Medicare Coverage?

Social security benefits are affected by getting married or divorced. Older couples often choose not to get married because of the decline in their monthly checks from the government. The same question applies to Medicare, which is often associated with social security.

The good news is that the rules for Medicare benefits are far less restrictive than the rules for social security benefits. Getting married has no effect on the amount of benefits that an individual receives.

What Can Affect Medicare Coverage

Getting married and even spousal savings accounts do not change a person’s medicare benefits. There are only two things which can change or lower the premiums that a person has. The first thing is a change in income.

The second item affects only Medicare coverage for younger people. A person with a disability who regains his ability to work can gain or lose Medicare entirely. While getting married does not change the benefits a person receives for the federal-program, Medicaid operates under different rules.

Getting Married Will Affect Medicaid

Medicare benefits are based on disability or age. Medicaid is based off of income. If a person gets married, the benefits he receives from the state-funding program can change. Medicaid concerns itself with whether a person qualifies or not in most states. As long as the new couple is under the income limit, he will continue to receive benefits.

Getting married while you are on Medicare does not affect your health insurance coverage. The program is granted to an individual rather than to a group of people. Its original nature means that it is not concerned with a recipient’s family.

If a person has any questions about his medicare coverage, the best place to find out the answers is at Social Security’s website. Many common Medicare questions are answered in the appropriately titled Medicare section.

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