I Need Surgery And Medicare Will Not Pay, Why?

There are specific things that will make Medicare not to pay for your surgery; one that is more synonymous is if they consider the procedure to be one that falls under cosmetic surgery. You need to know that statutorily, cosmetic procedures are not listed as part of the medical coverage hence Medicare is not obligated to pay for the service given. Some of the surgeries that people take on today are quite expensive and as much as they are considered cosmetic, they are absolutely necessary. For instance, if you must take on Lasik surgery, then you know that it is quite a pocket unfriendly procedure, yet it proves to have the capability of offering great treatment and one that is more permanent.

So What Do You Do If Medicare Won’t Cater For Your Surgery

You need to know that there is a way that you can go round the misfortune. Have you ever heard of medical benefit tax offset? If not, then you need to know that this is a service offered by the government to cater for some of the expenses if the medical cost exceeds the $1,500 mark. If your medical cost is over and above this figure, what the government does is to cut down the cost by offsetting part of the bill, specifically with 20%. This is quite a lot of money if you put it in calculation.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Have you heard of the plan? Well, in simple terms this is a plan that allows you to get advantages. It covers for some of the services that normal Medicare plans will not offer. Nonetheless, this advantage plan will need you to pay an extra monthly premium basing on the kind of service that you include on the plan.

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