How Will ObamaCare Affect Medicare?

As the health care debate grinds along many senior citizens are worried that their benefits will be cut to the bone in order to pay for the changes proposed in ObamaCare. Many politicians and pundits have been spreading the doom and gloom vile that these cuts will be made on the backs of senior citizens now receiving Medicare insurance. This is nothing more than political hype.

Where will the cuts to Medicare come from?

Despite the doom and gloom tactics of some members of congress and talking heads, the cuts will come from two prime sources; (1) eliminating Medicare fraud, estimates are that this fraud cost tax payers 60 billion dollars annually and (2) a reduction in the amount of payments that are paid into Medicare Advantage programs that are offered by private insurance companies.

Will Physicians Medicare payments be cut under this plan?

There have been rumors that the ObamaCare plan will drastically cut payment to doctors by up to 21% and institute harsh draconian control over billing procedures of doctors participating in the Medicare plan. This is true in the sense that physician payments are to be cut. These cuts have been in the making long before ObamaCare ever became even a bit of hope but instead were developed in 2002 by the Clinton administration but has been deferred for years but now has come time for these changes to go into effect. This is not a direct result of ObamaCare or the signing of any legislation by President Obama. These cuts have been deferred and as of present situation will continue to be deferred.

Will hospital experience deep cuts?

There is nowhere in the ObamaCare that states that any hospital will be forced to make cuts unwillingly. The estimated $155 billion worth of cuts over ten years are to be negotiated between hosptial administration and hospital associations. No cuts that hospitals were unwilling to accept or were deemed as not doable were cut.

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