How Will ObamaCare Affect Medicare?

As the health care debate grinds along many senior citizens are worried that their benefits will be cut to the bone in order to pay for the changes proposed in ObamaCare. Many politicians and pundits have been spreading the doom and gloom vile that these cuts will be made on the backs of senior citizens now receiving Medicare insurance. This is nothing more than political hype.

Where will the cuts to Medicare come from?

Despite the doom and gloom tactics of some members of congress and talking heads, the cuts will come from two prime sources; (1) eliminating Medicare fraud, estimates are that this fraud cost tax payers 60 billion dollars annually and (2) a reduction in the amount of payments that are paid into Medicare Advantage programs that are offered by private insurance companies.

Will Physicians Medicare payments be cut under this plan?

There have been rumors that the ObamaCare plan will drastically cut payment to doctors by up to 21% and institute harsh draconian control over billing procedures of doctors participating in the Medicare plan. This is true in the sense that physician payments are to be cut. These cuts have been in the making long before ObamaCare ever became even a bit of hope but instead were developed in 2002 by the Clinton administration but has been deferred for years but now has come time for these changes to go into effect. This is not a direct result of ObamaCare or the signing of any legislation by President Obama. These cuts have been deferred and as of present situation will continue to be deferred.

Will hospital experience deep cuts?

There is nowhere in the ObamaCare that states that any hospital will be forced to make cuts unwillingly. The estimated $155 billion worth of cuts over ten years are to be negotiated between hosptial administration and hospital associations. No cuts that hospitals were unwilling to accept or were deemed as not doable were cut.

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  1. barbara lopez says:

    You might want to reread the paragraph about physicians medical payments cause I doubt that Clinton’s administration had anything to do with 2002.

    • Second Sight says:

      If established record is of importance, ObamaCare, if carried by Congress, will take out Medicare and Medicaid operative for Senior Citizens now.

      How many of you know or remember that immediately upon taking office after beginning his first term, Barack Obama FROZE the modest payments EARNED by all working citizens to provide a subliminal poverty level income when seniors are no longer able to work.

      Yet, Mr. Obama borrowed millions of dollars for his pet projects from the Social Security fund that did not even belong to him or the federal, state, or county governments. Pure unadulterated theft, in my opinion.

      Doesn’t this offend the Liberals? I struggle to help support my mom but I am widowed and raising my five children. I try but cannot raise her from the extreme poverty level.

      This second term of Mr. Obama reveals what his real limitations are, as he bounces around with incredible inept logic, which he expects us to pay for.

      I’ve been a life-long Democrat. I no longer can recognize the Liberal philosophy at the White House. I shudder to think what B.O. has in mind for the future.

      • Gem Mimms says:

        That’s too bad. The democrats are the only defense you have against a Republican Party that wants to steal yor earned medicare and social security benefits and hand them over to more costly private corporations.

        • Jack T says:

          Well said Second Sight. Glad some Democrats are waking up.

        • MEDATON says:

          Igorance should prevent one from posting on the internet!

          • Stone Woman says:

            Ignorance should also prelude one from VOTING!!

          • Ken G says:

            What does ignorance mean in your opinion? Does it mean ignorance if an opinion does not agree with yours? Does it mean ignorance should eliminate you from the roles of voting if the party you vote for is different than the one you like and vote for? Be careful what you wish for. Yes there are people voting that have no understanding or knowledge of their candidates or issues. It is the job of those that do to educate those that don’t. It is the voters decision how he votes those candidates and issues.

        • tom says:

          Oh Yeah! I believe it was Democrat LBJ who robbed SS to fund the Vietnam War! Also, Democrat Jimmy Carter who gave out free cheeze at taxpayer expense!

      • Marilyn Van Natta says:

        Gem Mimms,You need to do an actual history research as to which party has voted time and again to use social security money for purposes other than the original intent.You speak without knowing the facts.It is the democratic party that has stolen it for years.They even voted to have our retirement social security payments taxed.Looks like you fell for the lies.

        • grammaK says:

          It is the Democratic Party who stole it for years????? OK, give me the facts on that, so I can look it up. I like to investigate before I instigate.

  2. Stephanie says:

    The cuts took effect in 2002. They were in an act signed by President Clinton in 1997. The cuts have been differed, all but 1 year, since 2002. So, while his sentence is confusing, he’s right.

  3. Ann Feeney says:

    $60 billion dollars a year and something is just being done about it. Hogwash !!

  4. andrew says:

    what kind of Leftest answer is this. ” Long before ObamaCare ever became even a bit of hope”. Give me a break.

    • Dan says:

      I don’t know if it’s particularly “leftist”. I think the author was just saying that long before Obamacare was even in its development stages, the changes had been in place (but deferred).

  5. Carol Mickle says:

    I agree 100% with what Ann Feeney said. “…eliminating Medicare fraud, estimates are that this fraud cost tax payers 60 billion dollars annually.” So before the gov’t just let this fraud go, even tho it’s, apparently, going to be as easy to recover as ‘that’ (snapping fingers there) and use for Obamacare. If it’s that easy to recover why hasn’t it been done before?? Coz it’s not easy to do, won’t be easy to do, and ain’t gonna happen. What we’ll see is even more fraud and waste, thereby making Obamacare cost even more. Two things Obamacare doesn’t do that would’ve helped, heck would’ve helped our system the way it is: let people get medical insurance across state lines (now we are limited to what is offered in our state); competition helps drive prices down. AND tort reform. Obamacare doesn’t address tort meaning once it’s in effect and people sue, the gov’t will probably end up paying out the judgement, instead of doctors and insurance companies. The ‘government’ meaning us….

    • Dan says:

      It is amazing that so much fraud was allowed to go on for so long. But if you check the news and the Medicare Fraud website, you will see large increases in the amount of fraud being uncovered and prosecuted since the Obamacare was signed into law.

    • tom says:

      How much will gov. inspectors costs us to dig up the fraud?

  6. Skip says:

    The ladies are right. Big government cannot even balance a budget nevermind control fraud, waste, and abuse in a program as huge as Obamacare, especially now that he has made 14,000,000 illegal aliens eligible for low cost or free care under the medicare or medicaid components of the program.

  7. mr burns says:

    716 billion over 10 years has already been cut from medicare in order to help pay for obamacare.Yet this isnt mentioned anywhere in the article .

    • Dan says:

      The “cuts” are from the growth curve of Medicare. Just like the “cuts” to the military only reduce its growth, not a baseline reduction.

      It’s like if you were expecting a 10% raise each year but your employer decided to “cut” your salary by only giving you a 2% raise each year instead.

  8. Concerned Patient says:

    This article is misleading to Seniors. One will note that AARP ( who is basically an Insurance company, not an advocacy group) sold Seniors down the River. ObamaCARE made CUTS to Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. The CBO was very clear that these cuts could only be used to pay for ObamaCare, not to make Medicare more solvent. Obama lied and double counted the savings. Seniors Beware. ObamaCare is far worse than you can ever imagine.ObamaCare sets up and IABP panel that will dictate what care will and won’t be paid for instead of your doctor. ObamaCare gives the DHS Sec. tremendous power. She has already said the long term care provision in ObamaCAre cannot and will not be done. Thousands and Thousands of waivers have been granted. One good thing about this discussion about Medicare ?? It reminds us of the atrocities of ObamaCare.

  9. Obviously not, I had the Medigap from AARP until I started checking it out and found that I could save as much as 40% from what I was paying AARP for the same plan. AARP is in business of taking care of itself.

  10. Barb Patten says:

    I tried once to report fraud to medicare and medicaid and they told me flat out that they could not just come out and acuse anyone of fraud and told me to reslove the issue with the provider myself. So what good does it do to report it??

    • Julie Williams says:

      I have reported Medicare fraud as far as a Dr was concerned. I was able to show that charges were made for procedures that were not done and the Dr lost his right to accept Medicare patients. That makes 1 less Dr patients I could go to for care, but I am sure it was the best for everyone. Keep track, a journal or some type of record, of all appointments, all procedures/tests/etc.. and check them against the charges submitted to Medicare. Maybe it is hard to point fingers and prove, but the more records you keep, the more ammunition you have when talking to Medicare.

  11. Rick Runion says:

    Hey folks I’ve been listening to a lot of hype and rhetoric about this business. I am only 49 but I was forced onto Medicare a year and a half ago as a disabled vet. My mom on the other hand is in a nursing home and without Medicare our family would be in unbelievable debt paying her bills. And I may have to use these benefits for the rest of my life which God willing could be 30 to 40 years. You are all just as concerned because many of you know exactly what I’m talking about first hand.
    The so called savings they keep talking about haven’t happened yet and no one has actually lined out a budget that we can see exactly where they are coming from (counting the chickens before they hatch).
    We paid for Medicare through a Medicare tax on every paycheck we made with the promise that we would receive good healthcare in our retirement. None of us were told that our money was going to be a big piggy bank that a bunch of bureaucrats could use to fund some new national health care plan that includes the entire country (robbing Peter to Pay Paul).
    If they can save 60 billion dollars a year in fraud then that 60 billion should stay in the program that it was meant for.
    The entire Obamacare plan is nothing more than a big conglomerated monstrosity of regulations designed to give the loyal followers of a young inexperienced politician something to chant for his next election. It needs to be thrown out and replaced by some good commonsense legislation that will actually do something.

    • sandra says:

      I totally agree. I will be 46 on march 3rd and was forced on disability 4 years ago due to degeneritive disk disease, petruding disk, narrowing around the spinel cord, fluid buildup around spinel cord and the list goes on. I wish could work but can’t sowhats gonna happen to people like us who paid for these benefits they are trying to take away. Let the so called president and positions take some of their salaries and luxuries that we only deam about and get us outs debt. We can’t even make ends meet and they live high on the mountain tryin to kill us out.

    • grammaK says:

      maybe if all those politicians had to forfeit their criminally abundant retirement benefits and put the funds into medicare, and have to take the same benefits as the people they serve when they retire, the medicare fund would be bursting at the seams with enough money. Just sayin’

      We elected them. What makes them so special that they screw with our money, but never have to deal with the consequence of that???? If they had to be subject to the same thing we are, do you think medicare would be in trouble????? NOT!!!!!

  12. Sharon says:

    So…this is my problem. You state in the article:

    “Despite the doom and gloom tactics of some members of congress and talking heads, the cuts will come from two prime sources; (1) eliminating Medicare fraud, estimates are that this fraud cost tax payers 60 billion dollars annually and (2) a reduction in the amount of payments that are paid into Medicare Advantage programs that are offered by private insurance companies.”

    Then (correct me if I’m wrong), this means that Medicare Advantage programs will be going away because of the reduction in payments that are paid into it???? This will raise the cost of the Advantage programs to the point that Seniors won’t be able to afford them and they will fall by the wayside?

    If so, then weren’t the Republicans right? What are Seniors to do? Seriously.

  13. Jim says:

    This is related to how much money there is in the medical field. A relatively new business sets up a cabinet with drugs in doctor offices that only do workman’s com. I know one manager of these mini pharmacies. One doctor makes $30,000 a month on these drugs and the company makes $30,000 a month after paying all costs. Coding on medical bills makes it nearly impossible to find out what you are charged. 2 days in the hospital and the bill is $14,000. No details. A detailed bill will take a month to get and loaded with errors. ALWAYS check what you owe against what the insurance company says you owe. I received 14 bills from over the course of several years from a hospital that wanted me to pay the discounted amount when in fact I owed nothing. Each bill was “Final notice. Maybe turned over to a collection agency after 10 days.” when in fact it was the first time I saw the bill. Another change should be limit the award settlement for malpractice. But then Congress is loaded with lawyers.

  14. I hear a really lot of negativity. A lot of opinions that have Obama”s plan not possible and will fail. I choose to think in the positive and I am not going to say a plan will not work before it even is given the proper chance to prove it will work. And NO i am not in some fantasy land. I am a 71 yr old woman who has been in this world long enough to have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Do you have a health care plan idea? Do your self a favor and let your self have trust that Obama just might be right.

  15. abe says:

    are doctors going to see a patient only twice a year starting 10/1/2012

  16. Tracie says:

    Here’s the real problem: insurance companies will be allowed to change rates on EVERYONE because they can’t charge higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions so they raise the rate across the board to make up for lost profits. Then Medicare pays less to doctors and hospitals which means the difference is billed back to the patient. Think paying your deductible and copayment is all your responsible for? They can actually demand you pay all of it and wait for insurance to reimburse you by refusing to handle the paperwork (as was explained to me by our ONLY hospital for 30 mile radius) they are not obligated to bill Medicare directly, they can bill the patient and it’s upto the patient to get all the forms and proof in to Medicare and wait for payment so basically the one getting paid less due to direct payments being stopped would be patients as the in network discounts may or may not actually be there and we dot know what to negotiate a far as the provider discounts.

  17. lillian says:

    I hear also that we will only to go to the doctor once a year like in canada. What will happen to the people that have kidney diasly or cancer or heart disease?

    • Michael says:

      Lillian, please go to: “” in order to get straight answers to your concerns. What you have “heard” is apparently wrong – but please check out the facts for yourself.
      Here are some excerpts from the site regarding annual physicals (which no longer require a co-payment) and dialysis:
      ANNUAL PHYSICALS – You pay nothing for the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit or the yearly “Wellness” visit if the doctor accepts assignment. The Part B deductible doesn’t apply.

      However, if your doctor or other health care provider performs additional tests or services during the same visit that aren’t covered under these preventive benefits, you may have to pay coinsurance, and the Part B deductible may apply.

      DIALYSIS –
      (Kidney) services and supplies
      How often is it covered?

      Inpatient dialysis treatments: Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) covers dialysis if you’re admitted to the hospital for special care.
      Outpatient maintenance dialysis treatments: Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers a variety of dialysis services if you get routine maintenance dialysis from a Medicare-certified dialysis facility.
      Training for home dialysis: Medicare Part B covers training if you’re a candidate for home dialysis, as well as training conducted during the course of your regular treatments for you and the person helping you with your home dialysis treatments. The training must be conducted by a dialysis facility that has been certified by Medicare to provide home dialysis training. You may qualify for training if you think you would benefit from self-dialysis training for at-home treatments, and your doctor approves. Training sessions will occur at the same time you get dialysis treatment and are subject to a maximum number of sessions.
      Home dialysis support services: Medicare Part B covers home dialysis support services provided by your dialysis facility. This may include visits by trained hospital or dialysis facility workers to check on your home dialysis, to help in emergencies when needed, and to check your dialysis equipment and water supply.

      • andy says:

        Misinformation about Canada has long been a tactic to prevent universal health care in the US.

        As a resident of the US for over 20 years who also lived in Canada for over 40 years, I can assure you that Canadian healthcare works! My 88 year old pensioner mother has 2 new knees, had cataract surgery and an atrial defibrillator and pays $ 2.00 per prescription.
        Seniors are treated like people instead of a market segment. The secret of affordability is that prescription drugs are cheaper, doctors generally make a decent, not extravagant living and hospitals are not private profit centers.
        Until we can reduce the cost of the supply side of medical care, we will struggle to afford any kind of universal healthcare.

        • Wayne says:

          I totally agree.The costs are outrageous.If they can be reigned in there may be hope for any medical program.But hospitals and drug companies, and insurance companies work on for profit margins;so it cannot happen.

  18. Marcy says:

    I am wondering if anyone realizes that this is

    not new-many presidents have tried to get a

    bill passed so all our Citizens may be covered

    with healthcare. Medicare Fraud has been going

    on for a long time and it seems that there has

    been nothing done about it in the past so

    hopefully this President will be able to remedy


  19. Joyce Johnson says:

    I asked my daughter today how has the Obamacare affected where she is the finaical Manager of a large medical establishment…so far she said the the Medicare B plan has been affected for long term patients..for instance…there is a woman who broke her foot…they will cast it, but provide no therapy as a treatment in mobility…also…if you sell a house you will pay 3% tax on the sell besides the regular tax you already get taken out…now how does that have anything to do with Obamacare?

  20. Joyce Johnson says:

    Forgot to mention…that in that Plan B..there is to be a cap on cost…even if more therapy is needed…

  21. arlene says:

    All I can say about obamacare is good bye to us seniors. face the fact we all will die a very young age.Don’t get sick. no need to think about sucide because the Govt. will help you and it will be legal.

  22. Obamacare is reducing care for seniors
    As October 1st 2012 medicare will only pay up to $1800.00 that is the new cap for therapy after an injury, that is about 8 visits, if you require more you pay!

  23. Herb says:

    The statements in this article sound more like political rationalizing in support of ObamaCare. I say hogwash!

  24. Janice says:

    My Mother is a Medicare patient and is unable to get a dr appt because she is Medicare. This happened because she had to move from one state to another and they are not taking Medicare patients because of the lowered rates they will be receiving.

  25. What will Paul Ryan do next? – Page 8 says:

    […] […]

  26. steve says:

    I just read through 25 comments and nearly all of it sounded like ‘not in my backyard’ complaints or political posturing. I’m turning 65 this month, and expect to work for another 10 years. Medicare coverage is better and cheaper than what i’ve had for 15 years as a small business owner. Times are tough and cuts have to be made, suck it up Americans – that is what made this a great country. Or suggest something realistic that the politicians and medical providers can work with.

  27. Donna Pioli says:

    I wasn’t replying to this last message.
    I was replying when someone said that the Drs. Would no longer make the decisions about our care. I replied that the drs. Never had the final say, the insurance companies have!

  28. Gary Sabback says:

    I’m a 55 year old male married on disability and receive state retirement and SS income. I pay for medicare and my supplement combined into health insurance for my spouse and 21 yr old college daughter. I don’t know what so called “ObamaCare” is going to do for the majority of US citizens, illegal aliens, taxpayers (middle class) and no taxpayers (rich, cheaters, and poor)! And yes I pay taxes, insurance, and don’t qualify for special programs of which I’m aware.
    All of which leads me to the following:
    1) 33% of my monthly net income goes to life, health, home, and auto insurance of which health is the most expensive and confusing with the highest deductibles, coinsurance, exclusions, etc and I used to be in the insurance business.
    2) I don’t have faith in Congress, The President, and mostly the government bureaucracy!
    3) I don’t trust the insurance companies, financial corporations, or industry overall to be honest, fair, or care about their employees, the environment period!
    3) “Something Has Got To Be Done To Make It A Win-Win Situation For All”

  29. Sam C. Jones says:

    I want to trust that the money I paid into Medicare while I was working and not drawing any benefits make my elderly years safer and more comfortable.
    The fact is, I am paying more for Medicare itself, now than I did while I worked and had a viable income with prospect of raises.
    The fact is, I pay MUCH more for a MediGap plan that is supposed to keep me from paying medical bills on a per use basis-but will NOT pay anything, if Medicare does not pay.
    The fact is, Medicare coverage has become, not coverage, but a drop-in-the-bucket when compared to the charges stated by the medical community==Drs., Hospitals, Re-hab facilities, Nursing Homes.
    The fact is that Medicare has fixed payments whatever the purported “actual” charges. We as Medicare/MediGap payers into a system that keeps upping charges for coverage AND keeps upping “actual”
    charges have no choice, no say, and we lose in the end.
    It is a game with the players in it being Insurance Companies, Medical Companies of all stripes, and the
    Senators and Representatives of each and every state in the union. WE ARE THE PAWNS….

  30. PHILL STILES says:

    $100 A MONTH 5 YRS AGO AND IS NOW $180.

  31. Yvonne says:

    I have worked in the medical field for several years. Most people have no idea much money is lost to Medicare fraud. I have often wondered how much $ could be saved by placing fraud investigation teams in every state. The punishment for Medicare fraud should be exclusion as a Medicare provider. Penalizing fraud by means of fines is futile. Fines allow criminals to pay up and go back to business as usual. It is one huge game that costs billions every year. I’d never have believed the amount of fraud had I not see it for myself. The Governor of Florida, Richard Scott, commited fraud on an epic scale and went on to rule a state with millions of Medicare recipients. So much for punishing the guilty….

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  34. grammaK says:

    To M Van Natta,

    It never ceases to amaze me how Republicans think they are right all the time and think they are the only party who should have a President in the
    White House. Obama was elected TWICE, and you’ll keep saying the electins were rigged, or better yet, he was elected by blacks, hispanics, and women. DUH>>>>>>>that’s the majority of the U.S.A. Get over it already. You’re the one who fell for the lies!!!!!!

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