How To Apply For Medicare: Where Do I Start?

Tips for helping you learn how to apply for Medicare quickly and easily, without the hassle!

It can be intimidating to think of having to go through the process of learning how to apply for Medicare once you turn 65, but it shouldn’t have to be. Generally, the process of enrolling in Medicare is more about finding whether or not you’re eligible than actually enrolling.

Are You Receiving Social Security Benefits?

If you’re already receiving social security benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare regardless whether you choose to personally apply or not. This includes both Part A & B. However, this does not take effect until your 65th birthday. Generally, a senior citizen can officially apply or enroll 3 months before this date, and in some cases, he/she can receive their Medicare card 3 months before the 65th birthday as well.

Signing Up If You’re Not Receiving Social Security Benefits

If you’re not receiving Social Security benefits, you’ll need to manually apply to be signed on with Medicare, but this can also take some time due to not being automatically accepted in, such as Social Security benefit recipients. Senior citizens can apply for Medicare via the online form on the offical website, or by calling the toll free number listed in the same place.

Where Should You Start?

If you want to take the first step once you’ve learned how to apply for Medicare, the best place to start is by phoning into your social security office to speak about your specific situation. After applying or finding out that you were automatically eligible for Medicare coverage, you will eventually receive a package that helps you understand Medicare better, as well as a card that you can bring with you and use during hospital visits.

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