How Much Does Medicare Cover For Long Term Care?

How Medicare Works?

Most people are caught off-guard when they need long term medical care. It is not uncommon for them to think that Medicare will cover the cost of log term medical treatments. On the contrary, most individuals are shocked to learn that Medicare only covers a partial amount of the total costs and cease to pay altogether, after a certain period. Another depressing fact is that your Medicare will never pay for other than ‘skilled-assistance’. This means that the costs of in-home personal assistance will have to be paid by you. Therefore it is necessary to understand Medicare payment options.

1-2-3 Phases

Actually, Medicare coverage only extends to 20 days of acute nursing care. Moreover, the injury must be listed as acute in order to get any coverage. Once the initial 20 days are over, Medicare covers only a partial amount while the rest has to be covered either by the insurance company of the patient or the patient. This phase of the coverage lasts anywhere from 20 days to 100 days. After, 100 days patients have to pay either from their own pockets or consult their insurance company.

Your Options

Since, plenty of adults require long term assistance therefore people should be prepared to make alternate arrangements. These arrangements fill a void left from inability of Medicaid to cover the entire long term medical expense. In medical terminology, such voids are often called ‘medigap’. These gaps are filled by private medical insurance or by getting assistance from an HMO that contracts Medicare. Keeping in mind that one of three Americans spend more than four months in a nursing home, it is necessary to prepare for long term medical care, which will supplement your Medicare.

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