How Long Does the Enrollment Process for Medicare Take?

The answer to the question ‘How Long Does The Enrollment Process For Medicare Take’ depends on a number of factors.. Some are candidates for automatic enrollment while others must pursue self-enrollment There are two enrollment periods which contribute to the amount of time involved with length of time involved differing for each one. Decisions regarding Medicare Options and time involved to implement these choices adds additional time to the enrollment process.

Automatic and Self-Enrollment Affect Medicare Enrollment Process Time

How long does the enrollment process for medicare take differs depending on which method one uses. Automatic enrollment occurs for people nearing age 65 already receiving Social Security Disability or Railroad Retirement benefits. Since no individual action is required, processing time usually happens quickly. Self-enrollment processing can take 1 to 7 months, (even after receiving introductory information about 3 months prior to becoming 65) depending on decisions regarding Medicare Options such choosing Medicare C in lieu of Medicare Parts A , B and D. Choosing Medicare C entails arranging for private insurance and prescription drug coverage and submitting the required paperwork to Medicare.

How Enrollment Periods Affect Medicare Processing Time

The answer to the question ‘How Long Does The Enrollment Process For Medicare Take’ depends upon whether the General Enrollment or Special Enrollment period is elected by those in the self-enrollment category.

The General Enrollment Period only opens from January 1st to March 31st yearly. If the enrollment process is not completed within this time frame, one must wait until next enrollment period opens which could ultimately make the Part B premium higher.

The Special Enrollment Period allows delay of enrollment for Part B by those continuing employment beyond age 65 and who have coverage by employment. Disabled persons under age 65 who have spousal employment-related coverage may delay as well.

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