How Is My Spouse Covered When I Retire & Start Receiving Medicare?

It is no secret that Medicare coverage can be confusing at best, and outright frustrating at worst. There are so many rules and regulations that the average person not constantly involved in the system has a hard time keeping up. If you decide to retire and start receiving Medicare you may wondering what that means for your spouse. There are a couple things that could happen and will depend upon the actual condition, financial status, and age of your partner. Another factor is whether or not they have their own private insurance or Medicare.

What If They Have Private Insurance?

Usually Medicare can be set up so that each spouse has their own specific type of coverage. That is to say that the type of plan you get could be entirely different than your spouse if certain factors occur. For instance if you are older than your partner then they probably won’t even see any difference since you retire. If they have private insurance then that won’t be effected either. Your spouse is covered when you retire and start receiving Medicare in most likely the same way that they were before.

As A Couple You May Be Able To Claim A Deduction

If you are receiving Medicare benefits you may be able to use whatever costs you still pay for coverage as a tax deduction. In some cases that could mean that you both save a nice chunk of money. Your spouse can be covered when you retire and start receiving Medicare in any way they want, and it won’t effect the type of coverage that you get. In any case it is a good idea to review your coverage and decide if you still need more insurance, beyond Medicare.

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