How Does The Birthday Rule Apply To Medicare Supplement Policies?

The Medicare supplement policies are something that many people do tend to not know when to enroll in different Medicare policies. Many Medicare recipients are excited to finally enroll in Medicare supplement policies that happen to mix well with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. The drug plans are something that a lot of people are going to need given the rising cost associated with prescription drugs. The hope is that you can find a Medicare Part D plan that will at least cover ninety percent of your prescription drug costs once your deductible has been met.

Thirty Days

A Medicare beneficiary has a thirty day open enrollment period after their birthday. A Medicare beneficiary can buy a new Medicare supplement plan that will fit their needs during the open enrollment period. Some people are specifically looking for Medicare supplement policies that happen to focus specifically on home based health care options. The needs of some people for home health care do not exist one month and go away another so the concept of this birthday rule can be frustrating for people who are looking at different Medicare supplement policies.


The idea of buying Medicare supplement policies that happen to have a low co-payment when you are dealing with a doctor’s visit for example are important as well. A co-payment is something that some people may not think of after they have met the deductible associated with Medicare supplement policies, but this is something that you will have to make a note of if people are truly paying attention. Things like the birthday rule can frustrate some Medicare recipients, but the idea of not being able to take care of a loved one after they happen to grow ill under Medicare would be even frustrating, along with the co-payments.

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