How Does My Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Medicare?

Medicare Is A Federal Plan Without Any Pre-Existing Condition Requirements

Medicare is the Federal Insurance plan that all US citizens age 65 and older automatically receive which provides them health care. It also covers some citizens under 65 and others with special problems. This Federal Insurance will pay most, but not all of your health care. Regarding whether it will cover any ‘pre-existing conditions’, the answer is yes. Once Medicare has been obtained by anyone 65 or over it covers any and all illnesses without regard to ‘pre-existing conditions’ that most other types of insurance policies do not. That is not to say that the insured won’t have to pay out of pocket for treatment, but he/she will not be denied coverage to the pre-existence of a prior problem.

The “Restrictions” Within The Plan Are Very Limited

However the Medicare recipient may also purchase what is known as ‘supplemental insurance’, which will cover some (if not all) of the expenses that are not provided for with Medicare. The two parts of Medicare, which are required to obtain this ‘supplemental insurance’, are parts A and B. And although Medicare part A is free, you must pay for part B. That money is taken directly from their Social Security checks, if they are receiving one. If not, they must pay themselves. Then they will have to pay for the ‘supplemental insurance’ as well in order to cover the gaps Medicare is not paying.

Plans A-N Cover Different Medical Situations So Shop Carefully When Selecting Yours

With a supplemental plan, almost all or with some plans, all of the care is covered. So when shopping for a supplemental plan to go along with Medicare choose carefully. Not all of them cover everything. They have 10 plans (A-N) and you need to check them all out to ascertain which will be best for you. All insurance companies plans are exactly the same in coverage, but costs vary quite a bit. Take your time and shop around prior to committing to a company.

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