How Does Medicare Part D Affect Medigap Plan K?

Medigap Plan K can be particularly helpful if a consumer has been dropped by their employer when you need your prescription medications paid for. You want to be able to make your copayments once you have reached your spending limit on prescription drugs under Medicare Part D so a consumer enrolls in Medigap Plan K in order to fill some of these costs. Many members in Congress were worried about the doughnut hole that can be associated with Medicare Part D and enrolling in Medigap Plan K can help you cover some of the costs associated with the doughnut hole.


There are twelve different Medigap plans out there. Plans A-J tend to offer coverage when it comes to traditional and primary forms of care. There is usually a six month waiting period to be able to enroll in different Medigap plans. Medigap Plan K is no different than any other Medigap plan as far as the enrollment period goes. The one exception to the enrollment rule is when you have been classified as disabled or have been diagnosed with a degenerative issue like Lou Gehrig’s. People who are struggling with truly crippling disorders do need their Medigap plans sooner. The employer at the Center for Medicare services understand this point.


A consumer can be enrolled in something like Medicare Plus and the Medigap Plan K at the same time. There are plenty of veterans out there who are enrolled in a Tricare system and also seek the assistance associated with Medigap Plan K. The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise and the Tricare system does not necessarily do everything it can for veterans who need their prescriptions. The Medigap Plan K can help veterans be able to pay their insurance co-payments.

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