How Does Medicare Insurance Work?

What Exactly Is Medicare Insurance?

Medicare insurance is a Federal regulated insurance program reserved for Americans who are 65 years old or older. The program is also reserved for those who are disabled or who have end-stage renal diseases also known as (ESRD). While this plan is available nationwide, it is a fee-for-service plan which is monitored by the Federal Government. This insurance program was created to pay for supplies and other health services. While the program has helped millions of Americans, it is not designed to cover all health care expenses.

It is advised to enroll in Medicare as soon as you are eligible and fit the requirements to enter the program. For individuals who enroll later, there can be a late-enrollment penalty. Some individuals receive insurance from another source or from an employer. If this is the case, it is best to talk to an administrator on whether it is a good idea to join Medicare or not while being covered with another insurance plan.

4 Parts of Medicare

There are exactly four parts of Medicare which is known as; hospital insurance, medical insurance, prescription drug coverage and a private health plan. The medical insurance is to pay for doctors, nurses and other health care related services. Individuals also have the choice to receive coverage through a private health plan such as PPO or HMO. Private plans are called Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits

Many people ask themselves, “How does Medicare Insurance Work?”, because they want to be insured and covered when they are unable to provide income for themselves and/or elderly. Medicare now pays for a portion of the overall prescription drug costs. Everyone who receives Medicare is able to enroll in this plan.

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