How Does Health Reform Affect Medicare Advantage Health Plans?

If a person still asks himself how health care reform will affect Medicare Advantage plans, he can stop asking himself that question. Health Care reform does not touch any component in Medicare in a negative way, including the private fee for service providers. At least this is true from the perspective of the consumer. Doctors, who had their payments reduced before the Affordable Care Act have reacted differently. Many doctors have decided to stop taking Medicare altogether reducing the coverage. For the most part, the Affordable Care Act, while negatively affecting many other Americans, has streamlined the Medicare process.

How Does Health Care Reform Affect Medicare Advantage Health Plans Specifically?

The one element that a person may find themselves subjected to, particularly with the requirement that insurance companies need to justify rate hikes. Several companies have raised rates in an effort to avoid having to justify the hikes later in the year. This policy change has affected all areas of the private insurance industry and is not unique to Medicare Advantage plans. Increased coverage under traditional Medicare, which was part of the Healthcare reform act, will also effect people who hold Medicare Advantage Health plans.

Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Need to Worry About Health Care Reform

Medicare Advantage Health Plans face increased premiums, but that is the only thing that happened as a result of the Affordable Care Act that has a negative impact on the consumer. People worrying that they are going to lose benefits can stop worrying. If the Affordable Care Act gets repealed by the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds, the ruling will not affect Medicare. The problems facing Medicare, however, will still remain until some meaningful reforms, including cutting the cost of the program, can be enacted. For now, it’s best to sort out all of the conflicting information about what is often referred to as Obamacare to figure out which parts are good and which parts are bad.

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  1. Deanna Runningwater says:

    My father’s doctor told him that if his defibulator needing replacing, he had better get it done because under Obamacare, medicare would not pay for it and the defibulator would cost about $50,000. Is this true?

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