How Does Blue Cross Medicare Crossover Work?

Many people hold the mistaken belief that once they are enrolled in Medicare, no other health care insurance is necessary. However, this is far from the truth. Medicare pays some inpatient and outpatient expenses. However, individuals who are eligible for Medicare must choose a supplement because Medicare does not pay all medical costs.

What is Blue Cross Medicare Crossover?

Blue Cross offers the following program choices: Blue Cross Plus, Blue Cross PPO, High Option Supplement to Medicare and Core. Blue Cross Medicare Crossover is an option for all Blue Cross programs. The Blue Cross Medicare Crossover system allows Medicare to directly provide Blue Cross access to a person’s explanation of benefits (EOB), so that neither the individual nor the provider needs to file a separate claim with the insurance carrier after sending a claim to Medicare. The Blue Cross Medicare Crossover system simplifies the procedure. Under the new Blue Cross Medicare Crossover system, most claims are automatically sent to Blue Cross.

The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) instituted Blue Cross Medicare Crossover to make it easier to file claims. Under this new system, most Medicare claims are sent automatically to the second payer (the insurance carrier), omitting the necessity to send a separate billing to the insurance company. Blue Cross is now using the Medicare crossover process throughout the system, to make billing of Medicare claims easier.

Will Medicare Blue Cross Crossover affect the processing of claims?

It may take longer for the beneficiary to get the Blue Plan reimbursement. The claims will be processed by a Medicare intermediary before being crossed to the Blue Plan. As a result, it may take an additional two weeks to a month for a person to receive reimbursement from the Blue Plan.

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