How Does AARP Help Medicare?

What AARP Provides

AARP helps Medicare because they are an insurance company that provides supplemental insurance plans for people who are on Medicaid. Many people may not realize that Medicaid typically only covers about eight percent of medical costs leaving around twenty percent to be paid by the patient. Elderly citizens with limited income have an incredibly difficult time paying for doctor visits and prescriptions.

AARP Plans

AARP has several types of supplemental plans for those on Medicaid. They also have a supplemental prescription service that is beneficial to those who have trouble paying for prescription medication. AARP helps Medicare by providing an affordable alternative to seniors struggling with medical costs.

AARP Understands The Problems Seniors Face Regarding Prescription Costs

High costs of prescriptions and prescription co-pays for seniors on the Medicaid program are a serious issue that seniors face every day. The struggle to get the medication needed to maintain quality of life has become a growing crisis. AARP helps Medicare by understanding this problem and providing an alternative. Affordable prescription assistance plans ensure that seniors can afford and obtain medications critical to their health as their doctors recommend.

Deciding On A Supplemental Medicare Plan

AARP helps Medicare by providing accurate and thorough information to people interested in a plan. They outline what benefits will be granted and to whom. They also clearly define who is eligible and what the costs will be. They have friendly customer service staff available to help define what coverage is needed and which plan will best suit the needs for each individual who is wanting to apply. They help determine the cost and ensure the plan is affordable for the applicant.

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