How Does A High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan Work?

A high deductible Medicare supplement Plan is not necessarily a way to save money in the long run for many people. They are a way for a person to save money on their Medicare supplement premiums. As long as the patient does not need expensive health care coverage while he has the plan. The plans let a person exchange low premiums for a much higher deductible. The patient must pay the deductible before the co verge for the plan will kick in. He still receives help from the appropriate Medicare program when he makes a health insurance claim.

What About The Deductibles On Parts A And B?

High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan premiums do not cover the deductibles for Parts A and B usually, but these deductibles are low, usually under $200 for most patients. The primary coverage kicks in normally regardless of what a person does. A patient must wait until the deductibles on the premiums are paid or exceeded before his supplemental insurance will kick in.

Who Is A High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan For?

Medicare recipients who are well off and in good health may consider choosing one of these plans. If a patient finds himself in the odd situation where he does not qualify for extra help but cannot afford better coverage, he may find that a High Deductible Medicare Supplement plan will meet his needs. Anyone in a different situation should either consider a more normal Medicare supplement plan or forgo the extra coverage entirely.

Would It Be Better Not To Go With Such A Plan If I Am In That Situation?

If a person finds himself in the odd threshold where he needs to save money on premiums and does not qualify for low income help, having a high deductible Medicare supplemental plan could prevent him from paying an excessive amount of hospital bills in the long run.

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