How Do Medigap Rights Protect Me?

Medigap insurance plans are insurance covers taken by seniors who already have a main medical cover in Medicare. Medigap insurance covers for the medical expenses that are not catered for in the main insurance cover. It is therefore a supplement insurance plan that ensures that the beneficiary is not heavily burdened when it comes to catering for their medical expenses as a result of Medicare shortcomings.

Medigap Rights Eligibility

Naturally, once one attains the age of sixty five, they are eligible for Medicare and in extension all Medigap rights. The exception here is for people incapacitated to engage in any economically beneficial work even though they may be below the age of 65.


Once you have enrolled for a supplementary insurance plan, there are some rights that you are entitled to. Medigap rights ensure that you are protected from exploitation by insurance companies. These rights also ensure that insurance companies do not deny you coverage when you are eligible for the cover. It is also within your rights to take the insurance plan that suits you and forego plans which you feel do not cater for your needs.

Trial Period

Trial period or free look period is another of the Medigap rights that allows you a period of thirty days within which you can try out a Medigap policy. If within this period you feel that the insurance plan does not suit your needs, you can still cancel and get a refund.

Switching Plans

If you are switching from one Medigap plan to another, it is advisable not to cancel your initial Medigap plan until you are satisfied with the new one. This ensures that you do not lose out on the benefits of the initial Medigap plan. It is important that you are well aware of your Medigap rights so that you can stand up for them when they are violated.

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