How Do Medicare Scams Affect Me?

Medicare has been a part of our economy for many years. Its purpose is to help those in need of medical assistance. Its goal is that all Americans can have coverage when the need arises. Medicare scams have preyed on thousands of US citizens, from the elderly to the newborns. Unfortunately, the elderly are those who are at the highest risk for Medicare scams.

People Affected By Medicare Scams

Medicare scams affect thousands of Americans everyday. These scams are carried out through the hospitals, doctors offices and other medical faculties. Medicare scams have reached an all time high through false telemarketing and sometimes false advertisements. The number of Medicare scams are also on the rise through faulty payroll deductions. All Americans are at risk of Medicare scams.

Those Guilty Of Scamming Medicare Recipients

Many physicians have been guilty of Medicare scams. Inaccurate amounts of office visits, medication and facility usages are billed to the Medicare program. In return, these physicians are paid through Medicare for services they have not rendered. Such habits, from those we trust the most, are crippling our Medicare system.

Scamming Beyond The Doctor’s Office

Medicare scams also affect our population through hospital stays and emergency room visits. Many hospital stay claims are filed each year on Medicare recipients who were never admitted or received services from a hospital stay. Emergency room visits, including Lab services, are uniquely disguised in Medicare claims.

Medicare Scams In Advertising

Medicare Scams, through telemarketing and false advertisement, affect the disabled and elderly the most. This method gives false hope to the disabled by promising wheelchairs and other mobile equipment. In return, the scam victim gives out their Medicare information but never receives their product. In some cases, the victim receives their product but Medicare is billed excessively.

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