How Do Medicare Numbers Work?

What Are Medicare Numbers?

These are the numbers assigned to each individual when they sign up for Medicare. It is a unique identification number, much like a social security number, so it is very important not to give out this number to anyone other than your healthcare provider. No two people can ever have the same number in the system, even if they have the same name. This ensures each individual being treated and reimbursed differently in terms of receiving healthcare. Medicare Numbers Work by using a row of numbers, followed by a letter at the end. This letter identifies the type of Medicare someone receives.

If a person receives their own Social Security payments they will be classified Medicare A . If they are receiving Medicare B it means they receive benefits because their spouse worked and paid into Medicare for over 10 years. Medicare C identifies a child of someone who paid Medicare taxes. The letters D or W at the end identify a widow of somebody who paid into Medicare. And if someone receives temporary Period Benefits their number will end in T.
A complete list of these letters and How Medicare Numbers work can be found on the Social Security Administrations website.

How Are Medicare Numbers Used?

The healthcare provider files a claim to Medicare with the individual’s number, using it not only to keep all information in the file confidential but also to ensure that all claims filed are billed to this particular individual. Medicare numbers can also be used to find out information about medical claims or benefits by the individual itself.

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