How Do I Start Medicare & Supplemental Insurance?

Starting Medicare is not difficult. A person will receive information in the mail when he first qualifies for the coverage. Medicare hospitalization coverage is automatic. A senior citizen or a person on disability will receive information about enrolling in Medicare Part B and Part D as soon as he becomes qualified for them. He must return the paperwork to the appropriate agency. Enrolling in the Medicare program is easy, the Supplemental Insurance plans work differently than the federal government program does.

Enrolling in Supplemental Insurance for Medicare

Enrolling in Medigap policies or other types of policies was complicated at one time, but it is relatively easy for a person to get. After a person turns 65 and has been notified that he is eligible for Medicare Part B, he can also enroll in a Medigap plan. This supplemental insurance is designed to fill holes in a person’s Medicare coverage. When he contacts an insurance agency to find out what is available, he will get sent a packet that tells him the plans available and what the prices are. Each Medigap plan will have a letter behind it. The prices and the plans available are all that is different from company to company.

How to Enroll in Supplemental Insurance

The process of enrolling in supplemental insurance is far from difficult. A person in their open enrollment period needs to pick a plan and fill out a detailed Medical history form. If he has Medicare and does not make the open enrollment, the medical history form will be used to determine what plans an insurance company will sell the applicant and the rates which the company will charge. Unless a Medicare supplemental insurance policy issue has entered a guaranteed issue period. Once he has been accepted into both, it is simply a matter of paying the necessary premiums.

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