How Do I Know If I Should Switch My Medicare Supplemental Plan?

Timing Is Crucial When Switching To A Better Plan

Even if an individual is unhappy with their current Medicare Supplemental Plan, it would best suit them to wait until the optimal time to switch to another plan. Preexisting conditions are a big obstacle when it comes to getting a new health insurance plan. When purchasing a new Medicare Supplemental Plan, it is best for the policy holder to purchase their new policy between 4 to 6 months into their current policy. During this period Medicare insurers cannot deny coverage to prospective policy holders due to any preexisting conditions.

Comparing Company Rate Sheets Is A Great Money Saver

If the policy holder feels that their Medicare Supplemental Plan doesn’t cover enough, it is possibly time to change to a different insurer. Most Medicare or Medigap companies have rate sheets that list the things they will pay for and will not pay for. Policy Holders unhappy with their current plan should compare the lists of different companies. This is a great way for an individual to determine which company’s coverage will fit their budget and which one they should switch too.

Companies With Customer Care Offer Ease To The Client

Many companies now offer self services to their clients, through methods using the internet. Many, if not all, individuals who have a Medicare Supplemental Plan are over the age of 65, and are not internet savvy. Some companies even have Instant Message customer care instead of the usual traditional phone customer care service. If the policy holder is of an age where there mobility is limited, it is best to switch to a company that has more personal methods of handling customer concerns.

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