How Do I Find The Best Price for My Medicare Supplement Coverage?

Medicare Supplement Coverage- What To Look For

Certain guidelines should be followed while shopping for Medicare supplement insurance. A plan suitable for one may not be well suited for another, hence it is necessary to pay higher attention to those benefits that are needed the most. Although each plan from different companies are more or less the same, prices may vary, so comparing the cost and service is the major point to look at, before buying the policy. Every plan include clause for pre-existing condition or illness and all companies cover its cost after the first six month or less the policy is in effect. Some companies shorten the waiting period of the pre-existing condition by the amount of previous coverage one has.

Replacing An Existing Policy

Changing to a new Medicare supplement coverage is not recommended unless the new policy has better service, rate and benefits than the old one. One is entitled to a 30 day period to switch during which the old policy needs to be canceled. All policies must arrive within 30 days of application, failure of which should be notified to either the company or State Insurance department.

Beware of Malpractice

A Medicare supplement coverage should be sold by private company holding a valid license, so someone claiming it to be from Federal or State Government should be reported to the corresponding agencies. Some insurers offer multiple policies to the same individual or force into buying a certain policy which are illegal marketing practices.

Enrollment And Extras

One should carefully answer all medical information in the application as the company has the right to deny any claims for medical cost that was not reported while applying. However, the company is not entitled to make their own decision to change the premiums according to the medical history specified on the application. Every plan should contain the standardized agreement offered by the state, and all fees should be accompanied with a receipt to be on the safer side.

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