How Do I Find Someone To Help Me Choose A Medigap Plan?

Do you think that when you have finally reached the required age to qualify for Medicare that your insurance and health care will become free? Unfortunately this is not true. There are gaps in Medicare coverage and to ensure that these gaps do not affect their health coverage, many seniors choose to purchase as what is known as a medigap plan or a medicare supplemental insurance policy. These are policies that are sold by private insurance companies and can have a great disparity in cost. It can be difficult sometimes to understand the difference in the plans and can be beneficial to have a knowledgeable person to compare the coverage between two plans, especially if you are planning on changing plans. The question is how to find someone to help you choose a medigap plan?

Insurace Agents

The insurance salesman is not the best person for this job. His or her profession is dependent upon you purchasing a plan and most of them truly believe that whatever plans that their company carries are the best plans. That is not always the truth. Although there are some honest insurance people out there, most of them are commission based, which means that they need to convince you to spend your money.


There is an organization called SHIP or State Health Insurance Assistance Program that operates in every state. This is a federally funded program that is designed to provide free information and assistance to people on Medicare and their families. Free one-on-one counseling, telephone assistance or even public programs are available to help you choose a medigap plan. Sometimes called Medigap counselors, these professionals will assist you in understanding your new health care options and choosing the medigap plan that is right for you.

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