How Do I Find Answers to My Medicare Questions?

Medicare is a complex subject, and it’s not surprising that you’ve got Medicare questions. The fact is that finding answers to these questions can be difficult because it may seem that there aren’t a lot of resources to go to. In fact, there are many places to find answers to your Medicare questions. The only catch is knowing where to look. Try the advice below, and you should be quickly getting your questions answered and moving on with your life.

The Medicare Website

It may seem simple, but the Medicare website provides a wealth of information that is substantial for answering most questions. You can find all sorts of things out such as the different types of Medicare plans offered, who is eligible for Medicare, your particular Medicare coverage, and more. The first place you should always go to for answers to your Medicare questions is the website because it contains the best knowledge of the insurance.

Medicare Hotline

Medicare also comes with a hotline in the case that browsing the website is not working out for you. The hotline number is 1-800-MEDICARE and it is designed to help you get answers to your questions and order information and publication. This route might work easier for you as well because you’ll be talking to a live person about your particular situation.

Medicare Counseling

There are a lot of counseling clinics that specialize in counseling others about Medicare. You may have to look online for local clinics or in your regional telephone book. Either way, there are clinics that specialize in this and some are even free. They are perfect for answering any questions you may have, so give Medicare counseling a shot.

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