How Do I Find A Schedule For Allowed Amounts For Medicare?

Patients may not immediately need to know what the scheduled fees for Medicare are, but it can help him sort out his bills and know the maximum cost that the government will pay for certain services.

Knowing the maximum amount can help people sort out larger bills and figure out what may be the best strategy for supplemental insurance is. Fortunately, finding a Medicare Fee schedule is much easier in the information age than it was in the past.

How to Find a Medicare Fee Schedule

The easiest way to find a Medicare Fee Schedule is to go online. A simple Google search can give the person a few links about Medicare Fee schedules in a few seconds. Read the information carefully though and make sure the information is supplied by a company based in the United States government.

The problem comes because Australia has a national health care program called Medicare that uses its own fee schedules. Canada’s national health care system also uses a Medicare fee schedule, but the three countries have different amounts. Further confusing the issue is the fact that the dollar is the currency for all three nations. Of course, it is not the same dollar.

A PDF Reader May Be Necessary

Most of the fee schedules are in PDF format. Many modern computers come with Adobe Reader or a similar program installed which can bring up the file on its own. Firefox users have an add-on that allows the program to load PDF files in a browser window.

If a person is not computer savvy, he may want to have someone else print it out for him or her to provide a hard copy. The Medicare fee schedules change every year and the reader may want to make sure he has the most up-to-date information.

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