How Do I Find A Doctor That Accepts Medicare?

Calling The Doctors

One way to find a doctor would be to call around to doctors in your area and ask them if they accept Medicare. You could also call the hospital and ask them if they have a list of doctors that accept this insurance. The only ones that they will give you the information for are the ones that are associated with that hospital.

Using The Internet

You can also use the internet. If you go to the website for Medicare, there is a place where you can search for a doctor that accepts Medicare. It will narrow it down to your zip code. It will also ask you what type of doctor you are looking for. You might be looking for a general practice or possibly a specialist. One thing to remember about specialists is that many of them require a referral from your primary doctor. With this search, you can also choose whether you want to see a female doctor or a male doctor. This is nice because for some problems, you might not feel comfortable talking to just anybody. Many times it will tell you whether or not they are accepting new patients. If you have a doctor in mind that you were thinking about seeing, you can enter their name and find out if they accept Medicare also.

The Search Continues

You can also ask other people what doctor they go to and ask if that doctor will accept Medicare. You nice thing about asking other people is that you can find out a little bit about this doctor. Are they happy with them? You don’t want to go to a doctor that other people aren’t happy with.

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