How Do I Determine The Quality Of A Medicare Supplement Policy?

One Medicare supplement policy does not differ from another in quality. Because the plans are regulated by the government, a recipient will not find that the quality differs greatly. What a person buying a new policy wants to know is whether or not he can trust the company.

The regulations mean that an insurance company must follow certain rules before they can be approved to offer Medigap coverage. The original supplemental plans were privately run when they first came out, but that changed in the 90s. Now, a person chooses from standardized plans. Each plan is designated by a letter which does not match the Medicare designations.

How to Compare Quality

The easiest way to compare the quality of a Medicare Supplement policy is to find reviews of specific companies. Pay attention to their customer service, how quickly they pay doctors, and how helpful they are when filling out forms and answering questions. Medicare Supplemental policies administered well will have few complaints, although it is important to remember that no business of any size will have no complaints.

The second part of comparing quality is looking at what each plans cover. Plans E, H, I and J are getting phased out in 2010. The quality of each plan differs slightly, although a higher letter does not indicate higher quality.

Are There Other Quality Factors?

A Medicare supplement policy can have a small or large issue, depending on who issued the plan. Plans issued by organizations such as AARP or by companies such as Blue Cross or Blue Shield will be accepted by many doctors and hospitals across the nation. Plans issued by smaller companies may not have as large of a coverage area. A person purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan needs to know this information before he makes a purchasing decision. Companies will provide the information when potential customers shop around for coverage.

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