How Do I Decide Between Various Medicare Supplement Plans?

There are different types of Medicare supplement plans and different plans within those types. Do not get confused! Learn what types you need.

The world of Medicare can be as helpful as it is confusing. Make it easy on yourself when deciding between Medicare supplement plans. Understand your needs, what type of insurance you require and then search through multiple options before deciding.

Part B, Part D And Other Plans

Basic supplemental coverage is offered through Medicare Part B or Part D. Part B covers outpatient services, emergency needs, therapy and preventative costs. Part D covers the cost of prescriptions. Other supplemental plans might offer dental or vision assistance. Figure out which services you need and consider the specific plans in your selected category.


A deciding factor for most people is the price of the plan. Search many options to have the best chance of finding affordable plans. If you need service often, then you may need to pay a high monthly rate for a low deductible. If you only need coverage for emergencies, then look for plans with high deductibles but low monthly fees. Research to see if you are eligible for low income plans that offer the lowest prices.

What Is In The Plan

Carefully consider a few plans before making a decision. Your plan should include versatility and be useful for the future. It should also help with concerns you currently have. Medicare supplement plans are useful because they are easier to customize than regular plans. This gives you room to be more particular until you find a plan you can work with.

Picking Your Plan

Decide on a plan that offers a balance of services that help fill in the areas your regular plan missed. It is possible to find Medicare supplement plans that cover your needs and fit your budget.

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