How Do I Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans?

Most people wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first. Most people will compare grocery prices and try to find the cheapest gas. So why not do the same when searching for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan?

If I Have Medicare A & B Do I Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is an option that is purchased from an approved insurance company. It can act much like a parachute offering protection not covered by Medicare A & B. On the other hand, if you are financially secure with deep pockets and can cover minor medical expenses that occasionally occur in senior citizens, you can probably eschew any Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Is It Really That Important To Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Yes! And one of the best ways in comparing supplemental or “gap” insurance is to handle the comparison much like you would when buying home or vehicle insurance. You certainly wouldn’t take the first policy offered by an agent, would you? Of course not. Same goes with medigap or supplemental insurance coverage. You need to be diligent in your selection of a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy choice. If you later decide to make a switch, will the new policy allow you to keep your current doctor selections or not?

Can You Provide A Few Valuable Tips For First Time Medicare Joiners?

Absolutely! If you are planning on making a switch from one medigap/supplemental insurance provider to another, you might want to note these three questions when investigating any new policy coverage. #1 – Does the new coverage offer a doctors network so you can use your same physicians? #2 – Are claims and processing similar? #3 – How about your benefits?

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