How Can I Tell Which Is The Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Company?

Secrets to locating the best Medicare supplemental insurance company on any budget.

Finding which Medicare supplemental Insurance Company would best serve your needs will vary not only from person to person but also a variety of other factors. Different state regulations apply so much of your ability to find a supplemental policy is dependent on where you live and your income.

Supplemental Insurance On A Limited Income

For those with little income there are supplemental insurance plans such as Medicaid. To find if you are eligible go to your states website and locate an online poverty level guide, visit or call your local Medicaid office.

Supplemental Insurance For People With A Preexisting Condition

The PCIP (Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan)exists in every state for those with preexisting conditions. While some plans are run by the US Department of Health and Human Services others are run by the state they live in. The cost of these policies varies by policy type and state.

Supplemental Insurance For The Remaining Medicare Recipients

Its always best to compare prices and policy features before committing to any medical coverage. Research policies through family, friends, the internet or by calling health insurance companies. Have you recently become Medicare eligible? If your retirement includes a health insurance policy you may want to consider staying with that policy. Contact the insurer to verify if you still have a policy in place that you could use to supplement Medicare or what the cost of keeping the policy through the COBRA option will be. Note the COBRA option is only available for a year. If you find comparable coverage at a cheaper rate, you may to investigate further by contacting an agent at a Medicare supplemental insurance company. They will go over all details of the policy.

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