How Can I Prevent Losing My Medicare Benefits?

First of all, before you even think about the issues that can make you lose your Medicare benefit, you need to know that there are certain things that Medicare will not cater for such as; cosmetic surgery, long-term custodial care, naturopathy, routine dental care and dentures, acupuncture and other chiropractic services, hearing aids, routine eye exams, eyeglasses, care outside the United States, among others. Therefore, before you even subscribe for Medicare you need to make sure that you are enrolled in the right insurance cover that will cater for your needs. You need to also know that Medicare has a plan that will cater for specific needs and the plan is termed as the Medicare advantage plan.

What Can Make You To Lose Your Medicare Benefit

One main reason that can see you lose your Medicare Benefit is if you stay without a proper drug plan for a period of more than 63 days. However, Medicare will not just terminate your program without letting you know. They will offer to penalize you in case you decide to take on late registration. You also have a 60 day period that will help you send a credible reconsideration form to the Medicare agency. Another factor that may lead you to losing your Medicare Benefit is if you change your country of residence. Remember that Medicare does not cater for services outside the US hence if you shift country then you stand to lose the coverage. Moreover, certain situations like getting jailed will see you automatically lose your Medicare Benefit.


You can however appeal for reconsideration if you think that you have been unfairly charged. The best solution towards avoiding penalties and discontinuation of the Medicare Benefit is just to adhere to the rules. Make sure you contact your expert Medicare personnel for more advice on the same.

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